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Arctic Blast 2001

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The Arctic Blast curriculum package is based on the Arctic Blast 2001 expedition: a dogsled expedition traveling through Nunavut.

Now, you can take your class to the Arctic on a virtual expedition via the Internet and the following materials.

"I liked your dog. I really liked the sled too. I want to come with you to the Arctic." Ashley, 7 -- Colorado
The Arctic Blast curriculum is designed in an easy to use format so that you can integrate the expedition’s resources into your classroom experience. 
Download introduction to Curriculum package 
Download Curriculum package
The expedition spans 16 weeks and consequently the curriculum package consists of 16 units, one topic for each week on the trail!

Each of the 16 weeks, the weekly topic is introduced and highlighted on the Arctic Blast website while the expedition team dovetails from the trail. Drawing parallels from the print on paper (or screen) to real life experiences and current social issues creates teachable moments.

Though we encourage involvement in the entire program, the easy and well rounded format of each unit, makes either option a worthwhile and equally effective lesson. It's the perfect tool as a primer or meaningful end. A simple overall calendar alerts you to live opportunities.

The curriculum package includes:

an instructor introduction
16 units of:
*extensive background information on the people and environment of Nunavut
*reproducible student activities and work sheets
*ideas for connecting your students to the team members via the Internet
suggestions for taking your students on a virtual expedition to the Arctic
Web resource list and a bibliography of related literature

16 Units/Topics: 

1.Planning the Expedition
2.The Land and the People of Nunavut
3.Northern Lights, Stars and Navigation
4.Inuit Food
5.Winter Clothing
6.Inuit Art and Music
7.Land Mammals
8.Inuit Language and Communication
9.The Sea and Its Mammals
10.Polar Bears, Expedition Safety and First Aid
12.Nunavut Season and Climate
13.The Auk and Other Birds
14.Inuit folklore, Tales and Arctic Stories.
15. Inuit Home
16.Exploration, Explorers and Inuit Migration.


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