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Arctic Blast 2001

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Favorite Food: Risengrod!
Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Wolf
Mille Pregont Porsild, Denmark, age 27 has been fascinated with everything to do with thick ice, snow covered open spaces and crazy sled dogs since a little girl sitting on the lap of her Grandfather surrounded by artifacts from his childhood home in Greenland. Her Great grandfather Morten Porsild was the founder of the first arctic research station in the world, which he placed on Disko Island in Greenland.
His sons Erling and Thorbjorn Porsild -- Milles great uncles -- later moved on to Canada where they traveled through out the Northwest - and Yukon Territories by dog teams; amongst other building the Reindeer Station in the Mackenzie River Delta.

Mille herself carried on the tradition when she in 1992 joined Will Steger expeditions. Because of her extra ordinary talent for working with the huskies, she was asked to join the expeditions and has since logged thousands of miles behind dog teams. Born in Copenhagen Denmark she is a published author and fluent in four languages. Mille is co-founder of NOMADS Adventure & Education and an enthused speaker at schools around the world. Last year alone she spoke to more than 18,000 school kids throughout the United States. Though "I love to be on the road with the kids" Milles heart still belongs in the dog yard. She likes to spend as much time as possible with the huskies – time to develop a close relationship with each dog.

As determined and spirited as her Polar Huskies, Mille has a strong, contagious attitude and an energy level that seems to increase with every new challenge. " A big part of being in condition is the strength of your mind and your mental attitude. My attitude is always positive and focused on good thoughts".


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