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Arctic Blast 2001

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Favorite Food: Caribou Steak
Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Polar Bear
Paul Pregont, USA, age 39 has always tried to lead a life of high adventure and one that combines his love of the outdoors and passion for working with people and education.

As a member of the US Disabled Ski Team he was a dedicated teacher and coach of blind students -- gaining their trust to lead them down the slopes of a mountain solely on his voice commands. After several National Championships he and his legally blind partner won three World Championship medals in 1990.

A strong believer in environmental responsibility Paul founded Midstates Recycling in Chicago, introducing and selling equipment used in recycling plastic, glass and news paper. Midstates has since been responsible for supplying equipment to the "Blue Bag" program in Chicago.

In 1991 he joined the ranks at  Will Steger's Homestead in Ely, Minnesota. With his easy-going personality and great sense of humor he soon earned a spot as a team member culminating in 1995 when he took part in the International Arctic Project (IAP) four-month traverse of the Arctic Ocean by dog sled and canoe hauling (National Geographic, January 1996). Over the last eight years he has racked up over 10,000 miles in frigid locales from Alaska to Hudson Bay. Amongst other leading a 400-mile dog sled journey along the Bering Sea for Japanese television in 1997.

Paul and his team mates on Ward Hunt Island, at the completion of their journey traversing the Arctic Ocean in 1995.
With his excellent sense of diplomacy, patience and tolerance are keywords in his style of leading the team. "The expedition reconfirms the need for a good team and open communication. It shows that we all must invest 100 %, accept differences and respect each other in order to reach our goal…"
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