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We are pleased to announce an enhancement to this years expedition.  In an effort to provide you and your students with the most interactive adventure, we have partnered with two world renowned technology vendors, Lotus Development Corporation and Connectria.
The Arctic Blast Online Classroom program is now offered to all schools free of charge sponsored by Lotus Development and hosted by Connectria.
The program is designed in an easy to use format so that you can integrate the expedition’s resources into your classroom experience.
16 Units - 16 Weeks.

The expedition is to span 16 weeks and consequently the curriculum package consists of 16 units, one topic for each week on the trail!


Click here, to take a look at the overall calendar. This time table correlates the curriculum package and the expedition.

Each of the 16 weeks the weekly topic is introduced and highlighted on the Arctic Blast website while the expedition team dovetail from the trail, drawing parallels from the print on paper (or screen) to real life experiences and current social issues creating teachable moments.

Weekly Topic and News

Click here, to check out "Weekly Topic and News" - Your primary page for merging the expedition and our educational goals

Weekly Topic and News.

The page to bookmark within this site is "Weekly Topic and News". "The Weekly Topic and News" merges the expedition, educational goals, and the needs of teachers. It is the most important component of your online classroom expedition.

The topic of the week is emphasized with clearly presented, facts and information supplementing each unit of the curriculum package. Information is also provided to help make real world connections, investigate personal values and discuss current issues. 

Trail Reports

"Trail Reports" - the page for live reports and pictures from the trail 

Trail Reports

Completing the circle, the weekly topic will also be highlighted from the Arctic Blast explorers in their weekly trail reports. Using the sights, sounds, and wilderness perspectives of the arctic facilitate meaningful and energized classes. 

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Collaborative Zones

The Collaborative Zone section of this website provides the ability for you and your students to collaborate with other classrooms across North America on important study circle topics, such as world resource usage, cultural diversity and pollution.  They will also participate in on-line discussions with the expedition team during their trek.

This powerful collaborative space will enhance the overall experience and learning potential of your students.
The collaborative environment is powered by Lotus QuickPlace and Lotus Sametime technology and is hosted by Connectria.

For more information on the collaborative solutions provided by Lotus,please visit www.lotus.com/school

For more information on hosted solutions provided by Connectria, please visit, www.connectria.com

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