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Wondering what team Arctic Blast was doing yesterday when you were watching reruns of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

Every 5 days team Arctic Blast will report live from the trail. Experience all the details of artic travel from trail conditions to the team's thoughts and concerns. If you've ever wanted to be an explorer, then this is the place for you.

Expected Dates for Posting of Trail Reports:

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February March April May
Wednes. 7 Monday 5 Wednes. 4 Tuesday 1
Monday 12 Friday 9 Tuesday 10 Monday 7
Friday 16 Wednes. 14 Monday 16 Friday 11
Wednes. 21 Tuesday 20 Friday 20 Wednes. 16
Tuesday 27 Monday 26 Wednes. 25 Monday 21
  Friday 30    
Reports available by 12 pm CST of the scheduled day. 
Please note that weather and technical glitches can delay the transmissions from the team on the trail.
6/06 The End!

6/06 Land Locked In the Fog

6/03 Good Ice - Bad Ice!?

5/22 Mushing to the Hymn of Mother Nature

5/16 Water and Gladiators

5/11 Bear Rush and Heat Rash

5/7 Heat Wave

5/1 What a Blast

4/25 Desert Dog Sledding!

4/23 Happy Earth Day

4/16 White Wolf and the Easter Bunny

4/10 Safety First

4/04 Trash Seals

3/30 The Caribou Inuit

3/26 Dog Language

3/14 Bye Bye Hudson Bay

3/14 Nature Rules

3/5 The Big Chase!..

2/27 Lots of Cheese!..

2/21 Unangnaq..

2/16 Take Off!..

2/11 On The Road To Churchill..


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